Fallen Desire by Alex Stargazer

Alex Stargazer has stepped up his game, with Fallen Desire. And I couldn’t be happier. The foundation he spent time on in the first book has paid off, for he has started the story’s continuation at a sprint. Because stories have so many elements to them, I feel it’s only fair to break down my review into four categories: Plot, Prose, Character Development, and Originality. Overall, Fallen Desire deserves 5 out of 5 stars.


  • Plot 5/5

The story begins in Hell, a Citadel with many bridges, a lake of fire, and places no demon dares to tread, for Lucifer has forbidden certain parts of it from ever being visited. The rumor is a dragon lurks there. It’s up to Mark to find the devil’s weakness. Does Lucifer even have one? Mark often wonders this very thing. He meets imps, demons, and banished humans, including several of Lucifer’s favorites. If only he could turn one, and get him . . . or her, to join his side. Mark has quite the task ahead.


Then there’s Conall, on the run from the Party, wondering if he’ll ever see Mark again. He’s along for the ride, facing the repercussions of a political figure’s death in book 1. He takes it upon himself to see that Mark’s uncle is safe. Much of Conall’s ‘screen time’ is action-packed. He’s definitely had to grow up a bit, realizing that he, though more fragile than a demon, has an important part to play in bringing down Lucifer.


Kaylin’s still a powerhouse. A witch, determined to improve herself. How else could she hope to go toe to toe with the devil, and win? She couldn’t, really. So, with her book of mysterious origin in hand, she leaves her position as the leader of a rebellion for a time. She goes to a place of magic. Mount Everest. Someone has been waiting there expectantly for her. Through a series of events, Kaylin’s introduced to more books of magic. The keeper of the books might perhaps have an answer of how to defeat the devil.


  • Prose/Style & Grammar 4/5

I swear, this author wrote another book in between Fallen Love and its sequel: Fallen Desire. He has grown so much, as a writer. His descriptions transported me to the pit of Hell; to the fiery lake there, frozen over for a time of demons to duel with each other. The dialogue flowed even more naturally than in book 1, and allowed the characters to take the stage. There’s much wit and sarcasm, even amidst tough times. It’s one of the things I love about Alex’s writing style.


The reason for the docked star, here, has to do with some repetitious phrases. Each author has certain things they tend to overuse. Alex is no exception. It wasn’t terribly distracting. In fact, I really, really wanted to give five stars here, as well, but I can’t give a rating of perfection, when there were some things that occasionally broke the flow of the story.


  • Character Development 5/5

The characters leap off the page, and steal your heart, especially Mark, Conall, and Kaylin. They are deeper than they were in Fallen Love. They more clearly know what they’re after, and they’re fighting desperately to get it. But will they succeed? What sacrifices must they make to claim victory? Will the devil, Lucifer, prove to be the wicked demon all believe him to be, or will he prove to be something else . . . something unexpected? Reading about these characters, and watching them grow, as they battle through every hurdle thrown at them is nothing short of thrilling.


​ I’m happy to say that the supporting cast, including several new faces, did their part in bringing the story to life. Many things are wrapped up nice and neat, though not without losses and tragedy along the way. Fallen Desire has all the pieces of an epic story.


On a side note, this book contains language and some sex scenes, though not as much as what the first book had, yet the sex scenes are just . . . more. If you read this sequel, you’ll know what I mean. The dark themes from book 1 continue on, to create realism within the story. As I said in my review of Fallen Love, please don’t let your immature thirteen-year-old read this book.


  • Originality 5/5

Alex fought hard to keep that original spark going, I can tell. And good news! He succeeded. Truly, Fallen Desire paints the devil, Lucifer, in a whole new way. I wasn’t expecting the story to take the turn that it did. For the briefest of moments, I was even rooting for the devil. Does that make me wicked? Perhaps. I love it when authors take the time to make their antagonists relatable. It makes for a better story, in my opinion.


The complexity, the mystery, the world-building, all of it is tantalizing. An even blend of Sci-fi meets Fantasy. It’s the sort of story you want to read within a day, yet wish to savor by taking your time to read through more slowly. Take a break from life, and escape to the world of Fallen Love and Fallen Desire. For me, there are no regrets.


​Thanks for reading my long review all the way to the end.



Best wishes,