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J.R. Vaineo: Enough

Never enough for him. Nor for her. Not for them. But what about me?

I am enough for me?

Round and round, I go. Busy thinking, doing, running.


Can I ever just stop, and be me, absent of action?


Or is it a life-sentence? Once born, you must always be busy.


Growing, learning, and such, then transitioning to the next life-stage, and societies’ predetermined set of goals for that life-stage?


Where does a person ever learn to be enough for oneself?


Does someone have to tell us how to believe it?


Does it take someone else saying we are enough, while in our midst, for us to start on a path of being happy with ourselves?

My writing prompts:

  • Questions, while meditating. 

  • How to find inner peace.

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