A YEAR TO THE DAY since my dad, Lance Ravier, died. Somehow, it felt like just yesterday. The shock of it was still so raw. That night changed my life, and everything, forever. I saw them. Two strangers from another world. One with glowing yellow eyes. The other with vampire fangs. The one with fangs claimed to be a king. But he was a young king, at best. The King of Paragon. He broke the news to me. My dad wasn’t from Earth. Instead, he was from a world filled with magic: Muraine. His other home.


After thirteen years of hiding the truth, of lying to me, all he left behind were hidden belongings from a secret life. And the dragon-horse: Awngeleik. How could I refuse King Talok, when asked to look after her . . . to help keep her from falling into the enemy’s hands? The grasp of Zymarc, King of Vitiosyns. Either amused or psychotic, I agreed to it. What could happen to top my dad dying or death itself? If I knew what would happen, I might have made a different choice.


Regardless, the pages are still turning. I still have time. He still looks at me with fear for what I really am, and hatred for what I might do. If only she had not done what she did. None of this would have happened . . .

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4 out of 5 (very good)


Kings of Muraine is the first book in The Journals of Ravier and what you get is a high fantasy story told by a thirteen-year-old boy, Tyler. He lost his dad in a bombing or so he thought. It appears things aren't as straightforward as he presumed.


This was a great read that kept my interest and the pages turning. The world-building is great, giving you clear and concise scenes of both sides of the portal. With Gemma by his side, Tyler has adventures he never even dreamed of as he tries to unravel who his father was and, in turn, who he is.


If I had anything negative to say, it would be this. First off, the numbers. I loved and loathed them! I really enjoyed how they ruled Tyler's life and had such an impact on him but I also loathed how they showed up so often. Some of the 'clues' were cryptic enough, without adding numbers to the mix! The other thing for me is the simple amount of characters in here. By the time we reached the end, I was struggling to remember who was who, which side of the portal they belonged, etc.


Fair warning also - this book ends on one helluva cliffhanger with a character who seems to be both good and evil - or maybe evil with designs I don't yet know about! Yes, I am left with questions unanswered but that just leads me onto the next book so I'm happy.


A great fantasy book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Definitely recommended by me.


*A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion.*




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