Kings of Muraine

Paperback $15.99: 978-1-7340315-1-5

CB Hardcover $24.99: 978-1-7340315-2-2

Kindle ASIN $0.99: B07ZGBYDJ7

Ebook $0.99: 978-1-7340315-0-8


Hunt the

Dragon Within

Paperback $16.99: 978-1-7340315-6-0

CB Hardcover $25.99: later 2020 release

Kindle ASIN $1.99: B0844KMM95

Ebook $1.99: 978-1-7340315-5-3

ebook and paperback.png

SE Kings of Muraine

Special Edition (3rd Edition) Hardcover w/Dust Jacket $32.99: 978-1-7340315-4-6

SE Ebook $11.99: 978-1-7340315-3-9

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The Onyx Prince

Look for the release of Volume III, in October of 2020!


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