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Kings of Muraine

Ebook $2.99: 978-1-7340315-0-8

Paperback $15.99: 978-1-7340315-1-5

CB Hardcover $24.99: 978-1-7340315-2-2

Audiobook $19.99: 978-1-9533460-5-6


Hunt the

Dragon Within

Ebook $3.99: 978-1-7340315-5-3

Paperback $16.99: 978-1-7340315-6-0

CB Hardcover $26.99: 978-1-7340315-7-7

Audiobook: In the Works


The Onyx Prince

Ebook $4.99: 978-1-953346-00-1

Paperback $17.99: 978-1-953346-01-8

CB Hardcover $28.99: 978-1-953346-02-5

Audiobook: Upcoming . . .

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SE Kings of Muraine

Special Edition (3rd Edition) Hardcover w/Dust Jacket $32.99: 978-1-7340315-4-6

SE Ebook $4.99: 978-1-7340315-3-9

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SE Hunt the

Dragon Within

Special Edition (2nd Edition) Hardcover w/Dust Jacket $32.99: 978-1-7340315-9-1

SE Ebook $4.99: 978-1-7340315-8-4


SE The Onyx Prince

Special Edition (2nd Edition) Hardcover w/Dust Jacket $35.99: 978-1-953346-04-9

SE Ebook $4.99: 978-1-953346-03-2

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Product Pictures


Hello, kind people!

I want you to see the various editions of my books that I offer. The Paperback and Case Bound editions have a gloss finish. The Special Editions are matte. Everyone who gets to hold the Special Editions just keep petting the covers. LOL! It's freakin' hilarious! Matte cover aside, the gray, digital linen hardcover underneath the dust jacket is pretty awesome. Hopefully, people think what's written on the pages is something special too. I've worked very hard to write a story worth reading. The kind not easily forgotten. The kind that leaves you a different person, afterward. Though I'm just a writer, writing these first three books in The Journals of Ravier series has changed me for the better. 

I've had many internal struggles. Some I've conquered, some I haven't. But this I know: going forward is always better than looking over your shoulder to the past, and agonizing over mistakes or pain, or wondering what could have been. Just learn what you can, and look forward. Keep going. If I can do it, so can you! 

These books are proof that I kept going. Aren't they beautiful? I'm a proud Book Mama. I often can't believe that these are my books. It's so surreal to be an author.

If you want to purchase signed copies, send me a message via chat. Even if I'm offline, I'll still see it in my email. :) 

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