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Short Narratives by J.R. Vaineo

Person Writing

Hello, readers!

To further sharpen my writing skills, I'm going to commit to doing writing prompts. There's this book I got a while back that has great ideas to get the creative energy going. I've written half a dozen or so narratives, so far. All but one, however, are too inappropriate to post online. Let me tell you, there's a lot I've learned about myself, through those more traumatic narratives. The first safe one I'll share with you is: What is Home, Where is Heart?

Most of the prompts I do, only take me 20 to 40 minutes to write, total. I proofread them two to three times. Then they're done. I don't touch them again, unless I feel there's more to be said; something I missed, on the first go round. It's greatly helped with pulling myself out of the mire, when I'm writing my book(s). These require a lot more focus and thought. It's harder to just keep on rambling. But the prompts allow for the freedom writers often need with stories. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my quick bursts of writing.

All the best,


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