Coming in 2020 

The Onyx Prince

Tyler Ravier has made it to Muraine, in search of the truth: who is his father's killer? The question nags at Tyler. He must know. But with a war that's just broken out during his visit from Earth, that truth may be harder to find than he wants to admit.


And what about his newfound abilities? How did he get them, and why?


Also, keeping the dragon-horse from falling into the hands of the Vitiosyn King, Zymarc, seems near impossible. He's proved himself to be a smart and cunning adversary. Can Tyler outwit him, and save King Talok of Paragon?


Then there's this question of Soren of the Monel breaking Laws of Time. And what could he possibly want with Tyler's friend, Gemma Galloway? How is her family involved in all this?


So many questions . . . But only one matters, above all else. Will Tyler Ravier succeed, or will he fall prey to Zymarc and become the next Apprentice to Vitiosus?

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