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Hello, readers!

I'm currently busy at work on my third book: The Onyx Prince. I'll keep this short for now. But I'll be adding tidbits about my progress, right here on this page. 

Currently, Part I clocks in at 45,560 words, which is approximately 160 pages in a 6 x 9 novel. Part II starts at Chapter 10. But I'm already in Chapter 16: Only for the Onyx. Whew! I keep getting stuck. Somehow, I'll get through it. I'm very excited to have this third volume finished, so you can get busy with reading it. I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. But, first, I've got to finish rolling out the second volume. It's set to be published on March 4th (I might change that to today, though). Should ship out the 22nd. Two years ago, in 2018, March was when I got my first book's manuscript back from my editor. I thought, why not release the second volume in remembrance of that. It was a big deal, sending my book to an editor. That was the first step of me, pretending to be confident. Truthfully, I wasn't. But I try to improve my craft of writing, and the confidence I have in myself. It's not easy. All I can say in parting is chase after what you love doing. Life is short. And it would be sad to waste it, doing what you hate. Chase your happiness, not someone else's.

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Hello again!

I hope all of you are ready for the holiday season to begin. I certainly am. I'm also aching to get back into writing on a consistent basis. Once The Onyx Prince is published, I'll be working on Volume IV and starting a new series. Fairytales Unveiled. Yes, I know Fairytales is technically supposed to be two words. I prefer it as one, though. It's not a bit deal, so don't flip out about it. ;)

Anyway, here's a super short teaser for Rapunzyl-Bellflower. FYI, I already have some products for her, in my Spring Store

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Julie here!

All standard editions of The Onyx Prince are officially out and there's an awesome review on Goodreads. Check that out, here.

Also, Book 4 has been renamed to The Stiltskin's Reaper. Stay up-to-date on my writing progress via Goodreads

Take care, lovelies :)